Wyoming residents will get one of the largest tax refunds in the country, according to a new study, which estimates the average refund in the Cowboy State for 2019 will be $2,989.

All told, Uncle Sam will refund over $641.6 million to just over 214,000 Wyoming taxpayers who file federal income tax returns. Wyoming's average refund ranks seventh nationwide.

Texas taxpayers will have the largest average refund, just over $3,200. Louisiana, Connecticut, Oklahoma, New York, and New Jersey were the only other states with an average refund larger than $3,000. Maine ranked last in the study, with an average refund of $2,336. Vermont, Oregon, Montana, and Wisconsin rounded out the five states with the lowest average refund.

in 2018, the average federal refund across the country was $2,727. Experts expect that average to drop slightly this year.

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