Wyoming has the need for speed, according to a new study ranking drivers in Cowboy State among the fastest in the country.

Wyoming ranked fourth nationwide, with an estimated 21.3% of drivers who have been cited for speeding. Wyoming's average of 2.59 police officers for every 1,000 residents also ranks among the highest in the country. The study also noted that the Wyoming Highway Patrol issued nearly twice as many speeding tickets to out-of-state visitors than residents.

Iowa finished first in the driving study, with an estimated 23.2% of drivers with speeding tickets. North Dakota, South Carolina, Wyoming, and Nebraska rounded out the top five.

Earlier this year, a GasBuddy.com study ranked Wyoming drivers as the fastest in the country, with an average speed of over three miles per hour higher than the closest state. Another 2015 study concluded that Wyoming had the second-fastest drivers.

A similar study recently ranked drivers in Gillette, Wyo. as the sixth-fastest in the country.

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