Sounds like your thumbs might be smoking...

My how the world is changing. I'm still a little old school in that I still use a computer to do things like shop online, order food deliver, etc. When it comes to communicating however, I've been in love with texting since I was 13. My first phone was not a smart phone. It had actual buttons on it and it was the greatest for texting in class. You could literally text without even looking if your thumb was familiar with the number pad. And I was fast too!

These days, people have picked up speed on their phones.

In fact, a recent study has actually found that people are texting nearly as fast as they are typing on a keyboard. Sorry, Mavis Beacon. This basically means that people can create words with two thumbs almost as fast as they can with ten fingers.

The study was conducted in Finland with 37,000 people across the globe, the majority of which were female. I mean, we've all heard the click-clack of nails on an iPhone screen, right? It sounds like hail hammering down on the pavement. To put things into perspective, the average person can type 35-26 words per minute on a keyboard. Researchers saw people in their study typing 38 words per minute.

Now the question is, how many of these people used Apple's text suggestions to finish their words...

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