As a new class of college and high school graduates prepare to enter the workforce, a new study ranked Wyoming among the worst states in America for job seekers.

The study compared each state in 33 categories, including the job market where Wyoming ranked 46th, economic environment where Wyoming ranked 4th, job growth where Wyoming ranked 47th, longest workweeks where Wyoming ranked 3rd, and shortest commute where Wyoming ranked 4th. Wyoming ranked 34th overall.

Colorado was ranked the best state for jobs in the region, finishing 3rd nationwide. Nebraska took 11th place, South Dakota ranked 16th, Utah claimed the 18th spot, Idaho ranked 25th, and Montana finished 41st.

Massachusetts took the top spot in the study, followed by Washington, Colorado, Vermont, and New Hampshire. West Virginia ranked last, with Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Alaska rounding out the five worst states to find a job.


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