The weather is getting nice and with the high gas prices an electric bike seems like a good idea, but if you laugh at the electric cars can you get the e-bike? Many people have made the transition from gas powered vehicles to cars that you have to plug in or you're not going anywhere. E-bikes have really made a jump in popularity too.

According to an article in The Washington Post, managing director of eCycleElectric Edward Benjamin estimates e-bike sales have gone from 220,000 in 2017 to over 550,000 in 2021. So you can see that huge spike in the numbers. Even though those numbers have improved drastically, many believe the e-bike craze is just another way to show how lazy people have become.

Over the last few years, the outdoor industry has really been pushing the e-bikes like Quietkat and some of the top names in the hunting industry have jumped onboard. The Rocky Mountain Elf Foundation published information in July of 2021 explaining the benefits of the e-bike to hunters.

A quick Google search will show that there are MANY different e-bikes on the market that aren't necessarily marketed for hunting. Leisure riding, fitness training, faster riding and less sweat are all popular reasons that many are buying e-bikes.

The price range goes from a few hundred dollars all the up to 10's of thousands of dollars. Just like the electric cars, you can only go so far on an e-bike before you have to charge it up, but more than likely you wouldn't get close to running out of battery on your bike in one use. Electric cars need to be charged every couple hundred miles and could cause an issue on long trips.

It's a little confusing on how the e-bikes work, but I found a great breakdown from Juiced and it seems like something I may be interested in. I still wouldn't want an electric car.

With the e-bike, you still have to do a little bit of work by using the pedals, the motor just helps you along. So in reality, it's nothing like an electric car.

Would you be considered a hypocrite if you were tooling around on an e-bike, but cuss an e-car? I'll tell ya, if I can get on top of a mountain easier and quicker and move in closer to my target animal on an e-bike, it seems like a big win in my book. If I were to get an e-bike, I'd put it right into the back of by gasoline powered F150.

If you want to learn a little more about having an e-bike for hunting, check out this video.

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