Aside from the dude that drives a Tesla for Uber in Cheyenne and maybe his friends, most Wyomingites don't really care about electric cars or the infrastructure that WYDOT announced will be built with funds given to them by the government. I mean, it's great if you have an electric car, but Wyoming isn't the most electric forward state, so this news, really doesn't mean much to people that live here.

Who does it matter to? I know what you're thinking, people from California! Well, yeah, but the reason we do need this infrastructure built in Wyoming. The tourists that come to Wyoming every year. I know, not a huge fan of them, right? I mean, they spend money and leave, so there's that.

Why Is Electric Car Infrastructure Important For Wyoming Tourists?

As I had mentioned, we have thousands and thousands of tourists, that roll into Wyoming every year, if it's not for Cheyenne Frontier Days, it's for Yellowstone or the Tetons. We're covered in tourists from May until October, and there are plenty of people from other states and communities that use electric vehicles. If you don't want them stranded here and laying down roots, we need the infrastructure built so we can get them out of here.

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Is Wyoming Paying For Electric Car Infrastructure?

No. In a news release on WYDOT's website, they said that this project will be fully funded by the federal government. So, we're just using the money allocated for it.

So, when you think about it, the infrastructure is for Wyomingites to make sure tourists driving electric cars don't get stuck here and decide to stay.

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