Safety is a top concern for consumers when it comes to buying and driving vehicles. According to a 2022 survey from data giant Statista, 55% of consumers look for safety features and ratings when selecting a vehicle. But what vehicles are providing the most safety for Wyomingites these days? A new survey from Glass Doctor sheds light on the least and most safe vehicles driven in the Equality State.

Least Safe Vehicle Brands Driven in Wyoming

Glass Doctor's survey analyzes data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to shed light on the safest vehicle brands driven across the country. The data examines the number of fatal car crashes from 2011 to 2020 per 1,000 drivers. Based on their analysis, three vehicle brands ranked as the least safe in Wyoming.


The data pulled by Glass Doctor indicates that Dodge is the least safe of vehicle brands on Wyoming roads. The survey shows that Dodge vehicles have 4.03 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers over the decade and have the most fatal crashes in 64% of the U.S.


GMC ranks second in Wyoming as the least-safe vehicle brand. Glass Doctor notes that GMC ranks in the top-three least safe brands in ten states, including Wyoming's neighbors of Colorado and Montana.


Buick ranks third in Wyoming and ranks in 22 other states as a least-safe vehicle brand, with 2.71 fatal crashes per 1,000 nationally.

Most-Safe Vehicle Brands Driven in Wyoming

Glass Doctor also examined the most-safe brands of vehicles driven in the U.S. utilizing the same NHTSA data. Top contenders in Wyoming included Infiniti, Volvo, and Acura vehicles. Interestingly, the top three brands nationally varied from those driven in Wyoming. According to the data, the top safest vehicle brands across the country were Subaru, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

Find the full survey and data by clicking here.

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