Voters in Wyoming have more political power than any other state, according to a new study. The Cowboy State ranked first with a "voting power" score of 3.01, meaning one vote in Wyoming wields the impact of three votes in other states.

For Senate elections, Wyoming voters have even more control, ranking third nationwide with a 4.52 voting power score. Wyoming also ranked third for the influence of voters on Gubinatorial elections, with a voting power score of 2.26.

Vermont finished in second place behind Wyoming with a 2.63 voting power score followed by North Dakota (2.59), Alaska (2.25), and Rhode Island (1.96). Voters in Georgia have the least political impact, with a 0.57 voting power score. Florida (0.60), Wisconsin (0.62), Arizona (0.65), and Tennesee (0.67) round out the bottom five states.

The rankings were derived by comparing the number of elected officials to the adult population.



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