Watch out for the rays, bro! Wyoming was named one of the most sunburnt states in the US. Which, if you went to one festival this Summer without sunblock, I'm sure you agree. Heck, I even used it this Summer and STILL got burned a few times.

The website Zippia did a study on states that are the most sunburnt in the country. I feel like Wyoming was a dark horse in this race, I mean, when you think of sunny states, if you're not from Wyoming, you don't know it is sunny more every day here.

How did they determine how sunburnt we are in the Cowboy State? Here's what they said.

This one was fairly simple. We turned to google trends to find which states saw the biggest increase in search traffic for ‘sunburn.’

Odds are pretty good if you’re googling sunburn treatments you’re lobster red.

They also looked at the trends between July 1st and July 6th to get a weekend we all probably spent in the sun. With that information, Wyoming came in 9th place in the country.

Not surprisingly, Hawaii came in first in this survey, however, sunny California didn't do California things according to the survey, they came in 48th! That's somewhat surprising considering the coastline of the state, but whatever, I guess they already know how to fight the rays.

What do you think? Are we all walking around with sunburns? I'd wager to say that the 10 days during Cheyenne Frontier Days is a pretty good time period for sunburns in Wyoming, outside of the Fourth of July weekend. Maybe we should just call them rodeo burns.

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