We're gonna need to see how big the pay raise is first...

You remember the game "Would You Rather...", right? It's basically a fun game of ultimatums. The options can be simple or complicated. Often times both options are equally appealing which can put you in a pickle.

So let me ask you, would you rather have one extra day off each month or receive a 10 percent pay increase?

That was a question that was asked in a recent survey conducted by OnePoll. As it turns out, 57 percent of Americans would choose to have an extra day off rather than a higher paycheck. This further adds to the idea that "time is money."

But notice that it was only 57 percent. Sometimes I think the actual percentage carries more weight than a simple "majority." It's obvious to me that people were pretty split on this.

The survey also revealed that respondents who chose the extra day off wanted it so they could catch up on personal tasks. This includes running errands, paying bills and fulfilling appointments. I would also add house projects to the list, since stacking those up on the weekend is never fun.

Would you also take a day off? What would you do with your day? Maybe just sleeping would be a useful way to spend that time.

Personally, I would take the pay raise. I'm not greedy or focused on money, but when I hear "10 percent pay raise" I also hear "vacation fund." I would take that money and put it directly into savings for a stellar vacation. This would make the vacation days that I do have on the calendar more valuable. I don't think I'd miss an extra day each month.

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