The year of the Wyoming woman also applies to our favorite scary movie characters, according to a new nationwide survey that named "Carrie" as the most popular horror movie villain in the Cowboy State.

Wyoming and Vermont were the only states to pick Carrie White as their favorite on-screen antihero. Jack Nicholson's classic character Jack Torrance from "The Shining" claimed the top spot in ten states, including Colorado where the movie was filmed at the legendary Stanley Hotel. Torrance was also the most popular villain in Nebraska.

Another infamous Steven King character, Pennywise, claimed the title in eight states, including Idaho and Utah. Montana was one of five states to choose "Silence of the Lambs" cannibal Hannibal Lecter. South Dakota's favorite "Psycho" was Norman Bates.

Other popular characters across the country include Chucky, the demented doll from "Child's Play", which took the top spot in six states. Frankenstein is also the favorite movie monster in six states. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" miscreant Leatherface topped the survey in Texas and three other states. There's also a nightmare on Elm Street in West Virginia, the only state to choose Freddy Krueger.


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