A Ghost Named Rosie Haunts This Wyoming Hotel
Let's face it, most of us are looking for places to go during the weekend and be scared to our core with ghost stories or visiting places near home that have had a visit or two from ghosts over the years. Lucky for you I found the perfect one.
Haunted Hotel in WYO
Quaint Greybull, Wyoming is home to hard working ranchers, friendly small town folks, and ghosts? According to legend, at least one place in town may be.
WYO's Coolest Tree House
Remember when you were a kid and the idea of a tree house was the coolest? Now you're an adult and the idea of a tree house, well it's still the coolest.
No matter your age, you still have a chance to spend a night in a Wyoming tree house...
Colorado Man Raises Fun Bar At Utah Hotels
"If it's not too much trouble could you build a fort out of pillows? It's definitely not for a 28-year-old male," - UPI
Average guy Sean Fitzsimons of Denver, frequently travels to Utah for his job and he came up with a great way to add some fun to his trips, by making odd…

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