The WYO Struggle is Real
Green River WY. This kid was trying to earn $15 dollars from his mom and then afterwards told her it was worth more like $100 for all the work. Yep
WYO Kid on National TV
On November 15, Buck will compete on Chopped Junior's "Thanks Kidding" episode where “Four young cooks set out to make judges a spectacular Thanksgiving meal."
Kid Wants Junk Mail, Gets More
The good the internet can do shines in this story. A kid only had junk mail to read, so hundreds of people mailed him books.
A 12-year-old Salt Lake City kid asked his mailman if he had extra junk mail he could read because his parents couldn't afford to buy him books...
Cronin Reaction Is Priceless
KEVIN CRONIN from REO SPEEDWAGON, pictured here with Steve Cooper, was talking to the paparazzi, when his own son interrupted with that vulgar phrase people have been harassing live reporters with.
Do you think the kid will be grounded...