Welcome to Wauwaumie
Some were angry over using an eastern word to name a western territory. It was also spelled in various ways, including Wauwaumie, Wiwaume, Wiomie.
WYO Words
There are some Wyoming landmarks that just flat out stump out-of-staters. These are some of our favorite "hard-to-pronounce" words...
WYO's Weirdest Town Name
Seems just about every state has an oddly named town, and Wyoming is no different. At least it’s nothing embarrassing, Like Booger Hole, West Virginia, Pig, Kentucky or Coward, South Carolina.
And there are odd names for our Wyoming neighbors too...
Bull or Pokemon?
Names can sound strange, especially in the realms of both Bulls, and Pokemon. At Cheyenne Frontier Days, we gave a list of names, asking people if they bucked, or poked (so to speak).
Yes, we quizzed some of the crowd, on how well they knew their bulls from Pokemon...

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