The name Fido simply won't do any longer. Americans are ditching the more traditional names for dogs and naming their 4-legged friends after catchy themes in 2020 - and nothing was more catchy than the Rona.

According to Rover, the uber-popular pet-walking and pet-sitting website, the names Rona, Covi, and Corona saw a huge jump. Who knew something cute and cuddly could come out of this year?

The name Fauci saw a sharp rise in popularity too, after the nation's leading authority in infectious diseases.

And, of course, we binge watched shows during our quarantine time, too. The name Geralt (The Witcher), Mando (Disney's The Madalorian), and Carol (The Tiger King) also made the most popular dog names list. Carol! Did you pee on the carpet?!

“Unique stressors, like coronavirus, coupled with people increasingly working from home, has led to a boom in pet adoption rates and a strengthening of the human-pet bond, so it’s no surprise that the days of simply naming a dog Fido are long gone.” ~ Kate Jaffe, trend expert at Rover

In memory of Kobe Bryant, the name Mamba is also trending high.

Video games? you bet. The name Griggs from Call of Duty is super popular as is Midas from the Fortnite phenomena.

And perhaps the fact that recreational marijuana is soon to be legal in many states, including South Dakota, the name Ganja is kinda big now, too.

There 's some more great ones to check out at Rover.

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