Sometimes you just have to create your own entertainment. That includes if you're a Wyoming dog that doesn't have anyone to play fetch with. She solved her fun situation with help from a stream.

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This innocent animal play innovation moment happened recently near Baggs, Wyoming based on the video description that also added this backstory:

My mom's dog Macy taught herself to play fetch in the irrigation ditch on the ranch.

OK. So not a stream, but an irrigation ditch. I stand corrected. Have stick? Have stream? Then, you have all that you need.

If you've been through Baggs, Wyoming, you'll understand why Macy is creating her own fun. There's nothing wrong with Baggs, but it's extreme southern Wyoming and there are nary a person in sight. That means if Macy's owners are occupied, she's on her own with the fetch game. But, hey, if you have a stick and a stream and a sunny Wyoming day, you have all you need for a good life.

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