Wyoming politics

All The President's Men...From Wyoming
In honor of Presidents Day, here’s a list of six Wyoming natives or residents who have been appointed to serve as Cabinet members.
Stan Hathaway – The first Wyomingite ever appointed to serve on the President’s cabinet, Hathaway had been elected to two terms as W…
The Most Liberal Towns in Wyoming
In the 2012 Presidential Election, only one town in Wyoming voted for Obama.
And anybody who lives here could guess which town that was.
Jackson is the most liberal place in the Cowboy State, and it's not really that liberal. Only 54 percent of Jackson residents voted Democrat in the last Preside…
What Is Wyoming's Most Conservative Town?
When it comes to politics, Wyoming is one of the most conservative states in America.
In the 2012 Presidential Election, 68.64% of Wyoming voters cast their ballots for Mitt Romney. Only Utah had a higher percentage of Republican voters...

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