Evanston, Wyo. City Council candidate Deborah Reno says she will stay in the race after lurid images of her sexy side business surfaced online.

"Yes. I sold panties online. I admit it. That does not make me a weak or bad person." Reno told KUTV. "I cannot quit. I love the town I live in. I love the people who live here, and I have a desire to make this place better than before."

The massage therapist and yoga teacher has been moonlighting as "Mystee Crockett", offering striptease shows and "dirty gym shorts" to online customers. She admits her side-business is unconventional but insists that it shouldn't disqualify her from holding public office.

"I should have known better than to ever enter into the world of politics. It is not for the weak. I am not weak, but I am gentle and kind and loving," she said in a statement. "When politics stops being hateful and hurtful and destructive, then maybe more kind, caring and compassionate people will lead."

While her opponent has criticized Reno, others have come to her defense on social media. The voters in Evanston will have the final say in a few weeks. Which begs the question, would a political candidate's online alter-ego influence your vote?



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