Politics is a dirty game, even in a small town like Evanston, Wyoming. A City Council candidate says she may drop out of the race after her online alter-ego was discovered. For a year, Deborah Reno has been moonlighting as an exotic dancer to supplement her income as a massage therapist.

Billed as Mystee Crocket, her profile features several lurid videos and offers "used panties" and "dirty gym shorts" to prospective customers. Now Reno is calling her side business a mistake.

“If you want to run for public office, probably not a good idea,” Reno told KUTV. “If their decision to vote for me or not vote for me has changed, I get that.”

Reno is running against Mikal Welling for the vacant seat on Evanston's City Council.

"This is very unfortunate and so against my own personal moral code and standards. I have not confirmed nor do I plan on confirming these allegations against my opponent," Welling said in a statement.

For now, Reno remains in the race just over three weeks from election day.






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