If you've never stopped at historic Fort Bridger, you're missing out on some valuable Wyoming history.

The fort is located in Uinta County, about 30 miles east of Evanston and less than an hour east of Green River.

The fort was established by Jim Bridger and Louis Vasquez and served as a trading post for travelers along the Oregon Trail, Pony Express, and the transcontinental railroad. It began service in 1843.

According to the Fort Bridger Wikipedia page "The fort was not very glamorous, it was even a disappointment to most travelers. It was simply two log cabins about 40 feet in length connected by a fence to hold horses. Most visitors complained about insufficient supplies and it being overpriced."

Despite only being a basic trading post, Fort Bridger was the location of several important historical events, and hosted Wyoming's first public school house.

Currently, there are around 400 residents living in the community of Fort Bridger, just outside of Lyman, Wyoming.

Thanks to YouTuber "RoadTrippinNomad," we have some great video and a tour of Fort Bridger.

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