I love a good ghost story, and my wife loves murder and mystery podcasts and shows so the short answer for us on whether we'd take this haunted tour is....absolutely.

Northern Colorado is home to some pretty cool and creepy places and if you are an adrenaline junkie for that sort of stuff, then we have a treat for you. In Fort Collins, there are several haunted spots for you to check out...if you dare (insert creepy laugh).

These places were inspired by haunted lists from The Group and The Collegian.

There are some downright spooky spots here in NoCo including my favorite ice cream spot in town, which completely blows my mind. I've been in there so many times but never knew that the Walrus was haunted. All the more reason for me to go grab more of their awesome ice cream and now that I know it's haunted, my ghost radar will be on full blast too.

Say what you want to say about the Avery House because I've heard some people tell me about that place, which I need to check out, and while there are some spooky spots throughout Fort Collins,  the one that sends the most chills up and down my spine is that tree. The "Hell Tree"...just the name, the way it looks, and the history around it.

Looks like I'll be heading to County Road 7 and Horsetooth to check it out because that's the one that tops on my spooked-a-fied to-do list this week.

Haunted Tour Of Fort Collins


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