Robert Irvine and his team of 'Restaurant Impossible' makeover artists are coming to Loveland to help out one of the town's favorite Mexican spots.

Be on the lookout for a bunch of commotion in the Orchards Shopping Center area October 8, 2021, through 11, 2021, as 'Restaurant Impossible' will be working its magic for Casa Real Mexican Grill.

Casa Real, on the northwestern side of Orchards has been around for going on 20 years, if not more. Some will remember how The Cove was there for a longtime. With Casa Real being around for so long, you know that people love the restaurant, but they have been selected to get a makeover, after submitting for one, by 'Restaurant Impossible.'

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'Restaurant Impossible' is one of my favorite 'reality' shows; they have two days to do some renovations, of not only the space, but the menu and operations as well. Robert Irvine, seems like a genuinely nice guy (unlike Gordon Ramsey, who is a total jerk that people 'hate to love.')

It's called 'Impossible' because of the time frame and the small budget. 'It can't be done,' someone says; 'Hold my beer,' Irvine responds. Not really, but it's like that.

According to Food Network press release about the show:

Chef Robert Irvine's challenge is to save America's most desperate restaurants from impending failure..

The restaurant has enlisted some Lovelanders to help with the renovations, and people have signed up to be at the grand-reopening dinner that will happen on Monday, October 11, 2021. It's going to be mayhem, in a good way.

Many who follow the restaurant on Facebook have commented on how much they love Casa Real and don't think that they should change a thing,' which speaks to how much much the spot is loved, and the prospects of things going very well after the makeover.

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