Art The Clown has been stacking up bodies in his second (technically third) outing, and soon, he could be stacking awards as well. That's right, Terrifier 2 of all films has been submitted to the Academy for Oscar consideration. Of course, horror films aren't particularly favored by the Hollywood establishment, and especially not this kind of horror. A few horror films have won before. There are even some who managed to pick up Best Picture. That being said, it's not very likely Terrifier 2 will be among those.

Terrifier 2 is the second film in the Terrifier franchise, which spawned from a section of the anthology film All Hallows Eve. The film follows the bloody rampages of Art The Clown, a mysterious and voracious murderer. The first film was notable for its particularly gruesome kills, and the second is no different. The much-reviled “bathroom scene” has gotten a decent amount of buzz — some audience members are supposedly puking right in the theater.


Terrifier 2 has somehow managed to get a pretty wide release, raking in roughly $8 million dollars so far at the box office. The film was initially planned to appear in just one theater for a single weekend before moving to streaming services, but somehow, the fans made their voices heard. For such an extreme film, Terrifier 2 is certainly making some huge strides and doing exactly what its namesake implies.

Here is the film’s trailer:

So far Terrifier 2 has grossed $7.9 million in theaters. That may not sound like a lot, but when your film only cost $250,000, that’s a pretty good number before you consider the additional revenues the movie can make on home video, streaming, and by selling extremely horrifying merchandise.

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