Cheyenne is a safer place to drive thanks to all of those who donated to the Wyoming Safe Ride fundraiser recently.

At a fundraising lunch held on June 7 at the Texas Roadhouse in Cheyenne, $6,500 was raised for the Wyoming Safe Ride program.

President of the Laramie County Liquor Association, Bryan 'Alf' Grzegorczyk, extended a big thank you to everyone involved in the fundraiser.

More than 630 pulled pork lunches were sold along with money raised with a silent auction, 50/50 raffle and other donations.

The Wyoming Safe Ride program was started in May of 2010 by the Laramie County Liquor Association offering free cab rides home to those who've had too much to drink. 'Alf' says DUI's are down 33 percent since the program began and hopes the money raised will help lower the number of DUI's in Laramie County even further.


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