This guy. What a gem.

Conan O'Brien has been in the news a lot lately as he is hanging up his microphone. Well, let me clarify. He's retiring from late night television and his show on TBS. Up next, according to Good Housekeeping, he will be working on a "new weekly variety series" for HBO Max. That's in addition to Conan Without Borders.

So, we're not losing him completely thank goodness.

And for that, I'm glad. I'll admit that I didn't know much about Conan, or late night hosts in general for that matter, until I met him. After that meeting I was hooked.

Let me back up...

I met Conan several years ago in the most random way. He crashed my rehearsal dinner. Yep, the night before my wedding all eyes were on this extremely tall, funny, red head. Our rehearsal dinner was at a pretty nice hotel and Conan just so happened to be at the bar. I didn't see him when we walked in, but not long after we had gone back to the room set up for dinner, he came waltzing into the party. Apparently my brother in-law had spotted him and decided to take a chance on getting him back to meet the bride and groom.

He could not have been more charming and warm. You would have thought he felt lucky to be meeting us when it was obvious it was the other way around. We talked briefly about stuff that I have no recollection of and he then proceeded to take pictures with everyone... and I mean everyone. There was no rushing out, no fake "emergency calls" to pull him away. He just chatted, wished us well and went on his way.

Since sharing this on social media I've had several people tell me that he does this kind of thing often and it's just in his nature to be so down to earth.

Honestly, at 6'4" I was also impressed to find someone who could see eye-to-eye with my husband.

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