With today's AFC and NFC championship games that means technically now there are only 3 games left in this years NFL season.

The San Francisco 49ners take on the Atlanta Falcons at 1:00pm in Atlanta, and the New England Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens at 4:30 in New England and the winners of Today's game earn themselves a trip to New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

I am sure that most of us are still wishing that it was Manning and the Broncos Taking on Brady and the Patriots instead of the Ravens! But unfortunately it just did not work out that way.

If your anything like me, than you probably are wondering what your gonna do with yourself on Sundays now, after the games end today. For us who's teams did not make it this far this year it is without a doubt yet another disappointing season and the last thing any of us want to hear is that "There is always next season"  but the truth is that is really all there is to say.

So enjoy the games today, enjoy the last Sunday with NFL doing what it does every Sunday and good luck to all the teams competing for that chance to play in the biggest sporting event in America! Know as the Super Bowl. Enjoy everyone!

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