There are plenty of cities across the country that have gotten some mention from songs throughout the history of music, regardless of genre. However, Cheyenne, WY makes its own mark, especially in the Country genre. Some songs are complete tributes to the capital city while others are just a shoutout, but it's still nice to know that Cheyenne has its own place throughout music history.

So let's take a look at 10 of the absolute best songs about Cheyenne, Wyoming, in no particular order.

  • George Strait - I Can Still Make Cheyenne

In 1996, the legendary George Strait released the single, which would be the third off his album 'Blue Clear Sky'. The track has a heartbreaking tone to it as a man has a conversation with his lover on the phone, but also is ode to Cheyenne for its rodeo reputation. The rodeo cowboy is making his way to fulfill his dreams as his lover is telling him that she's leaving him for another man. In the end, he keeps on heading to Cheyenne in his truck as he 'aims it toward that Wyoming line'.

  • Garth Brooks - Beaches of Cheyenne

While we all know there aren't necessarily any 'Beaches of Cheyenne', the metaphor of the tragic story in the song was still made to be an upbeat song upon being written by not only Brooks, but songwriters Dan Roberts and Bryan Kennedy. The track is a crowd favorite regardless of where Garth is putting on a show, and certainly a fan favorite of many in Wyoming's capital city.

  • Eric Church - These Boots

If you had the chance to see Eric Church last summer at Cheyenne Frontier Days, or have seen any of his shows live throughout his career, you know exactly what the Country star can bring to the table with any track. Church gives a simple shoutout to Cheyenne in one of the lines that talks about his many travels that have brought him to where he and what it will lead him to in 'These Boots'. However, the song also takes a deeper meaning for his adventurous tendencies as he talks about having to 'Spur that beast in Cheyenne'. The song goes a bit deeper into his personal perspective of life and love but you can read more into it when you hear it.

  • Chris Young - Neon

You don't have to wait long in Chris Young's 'Neon' to hear how 'The sky in Cheyenne, Wyoming is just about as blue as it gets'. The rest of the song mentions just about all the other colors in the rainbow including 'Neon'. Originally, the song was meant to be sent to George Strait, but the writers Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne and Trevor Rosen thought Chris Young did such a good job, they let him ride with it.

  • Aaron Watson - July In Cheyenne (Song for Lane's Momma)

Maybe the most notable song on the list for more than a few reasons is this fantastic tribute to champion bull rider Lane Frost, who tragically died on July 30, 1989, at Cheyenne Frontier Days just after completing a successful bull ride in an event at the festival.

  • Chris LeDoux - Photo Finish

The professional rodeo cowboy turned singer-songwriting Wyoming legend Chris LeDoux told quite the tale in 'Photo Finish'. The late great LeDoux released the track in 1973 and talked about high-tailing it from Billings, MT and how 'It'll be Photo Finishin' into old Cheyenne'. His story, which includes a run from the cops, gives a mention to Wyoming towns Sheridan and Wheatland along the way.

  • Chris LeDoux - It Ain't the Years, It's the Miles

Another track from the Wyoming legend mentions 'That Big Rodeo in Cheyenne'. We'll just assume he means CFD. But the song about going through all he did for as long as he did as a professional cowboy is plenty memorable.

  • William Lava Stan - 'Cheyenne' Theme Song

There was a show that played on ABC from 1955 to 1962 called 'Cheyenne'. Although the show didn't actually take place in Cheyenne, it was named after the titular character, Cheyenne Brodie, played by Clint Walker. At least the theme song mentions the 'Wild wind' like we have here, so there is that.

  • Cale Moon - Cheyenne

Cale Moon talks about his girl, presumably named Cheyenne, but also how it's a physical spot in Wyoming where he grew up. It's a pretty clever way to use a homonym in any song. Nevertheless, it's another track that mentions Cheyenne.

  • Ennio Morricone - Farewell to Cheyenne

This haunting instrumental track is like something you would hear in a Quentin Tarantino film. Coincidentally enough, it was in a 1968 movie called, 'Once Upon a Time in the West.' The track itself is about the character 'Cheyenne' in the movie, played by Jason Robards. The film also starred Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson.

While there's other songs throughout history that have at least given a shoutout to Cheyenne, it would be tough to find much better than these tracks as you may have already heard.

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