In 1979, the rock group The Knack had a breakout monster hit with My Sharona. It skyrocketed to the #1 position on the rock charts and sold a bazillion copies. But who was Sharona? And if she is real, what's the story behind this mysterious woman whom we all sang about?

Sharona, indeed, was very real.

Her name is Sharona Alperin, and The Knack's lead singer Doug Fieger was sweet on her. She was eight years younger than Doug - a teenager - but you know, in mega rockstar world, those small trivialities do not matter. Sharona, however, really did end up becoming Doug's girlfriend.

Sharona worked in a clothing store when Doud and his then-girlfriend walked in to do a little shopping. It was, as a good rock lyric would say, love at first sight for Doug and Sharona. It was later revealed by Sharona that she was introduced to Doug by his current girlfriend.

Sharona and Doug became friends and the teenager had a burning desire to become the face - and body - on the 45 rpm picture sleeve. It came to be. And that was enough for them to become a couple. But for Doug and Sharona, the romance didn't last. They remained friends and became even closer when Doug was battling cancer.

The Knack lost their lead singer when Fieger passed away in 2010.

Many years later, Sharona told Premier Prep that being the namesake of their biggest hit has "been pretty magical."

Today, Sharona heads a successful realty firm in southern California. She says when she introduced herself to new clients they all have the same thing to say. " that one song?" She replies, "Yes. That's was my song."

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