Grab your squirt guns and head on over to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens for a squirt gun fight.

There is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day than squirting your friend with a squirt gun. Not only does the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens want the kids to have fun, but it is also a great way to water the garden. There are a few rules for the event.

  • You will get WET, be prepared.
  • You can bring your own squirt gun or use one they provide.
  • Plastic bags will be provided for all your electronics.
  • You will re-fill your squirt guns in plastic tubs which you have to fill as well (the water is fresh).
  • NO squirting under the dome, that is the safe zone.
  • Everyone of all ages is welcome.
  • No dogs or water balloons in the fight.

This will take place on Tuesday, July 16th at 1 pm. The squirt gun fight will go for about 45 minutes.

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