If you think we have a lot of lightning here in southeastern Wyoming, be glad you're not on the other side of the Cowboy State. Green River and Rock Springs recently ranked as the two worst cities in the country for damaging or deadly lightning strikes.

Green River has the highest density of several thunderstorms in America according to an Accuweather study based on statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Rock Springs ranked second followed by Dickinson, N.D., Pierre, S.D., and North Platte, Neb. No other Wyoming towns were listed in the study.

Accuweather also noted that while the southeast has more lightning, the high plains and Rocky Mountain regions have the most extreme lightning events which result in property damage, injuries, and death.

Among larger cities, Baton Rouge, La. leads the lightning list. Huntsville, Ala., Shreveport, La., Boise, Idaho, and Abilene, Tex., round out the five worst big cities in the country for severe thunderstorms.

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