Here's a frigid fact: four of the 10 coldest temperatures ever recorded in the continental United States were here in Wyoming. As we bunker down for another long, cold winter, here's a look back at the five coldest days in the history of the Cowboy State.

1. Feb. 9, 1933 - A -66 degree reading at the Riverside Ranger Station in Yellowstone National Park ranks as Wyoming's coldest temperature and the fourth lowest in the lower 48 states.

2. Feb. 10, 1981 - At Darwin Ranch outside of Jackson, the temperature plummeted to 62 degrees below zero. Luckily, it wasn't quite that cold on the day this guy took the polar plunge.

3. Feb. 8, 1929 - The town of Border Junction, located in Lincoln County near the Idaho border, experienced the third coldest day in Wyoming history when the temperature dropped to -60.

4. Feb. 1, 1951 - Another western Wyoming mountain town, Bondurant, recorded Wyoming's fourth coldest day when the temperature tumbled to 57 below.

5. Jan. 10, 1963 - While the month of February has produced the coldest days in Wyoming history, January has the lowest average temperature in the Cowboy State. Our coldest January temperature was 55 below, recorded in the town of Dixon.