Whether you're a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll, Cheyenne Frontier Days has something fun for everyone. But, stereotypes are there because, frankly, they're true in a lot of circumstances.

Check out the 5 sterotypical types of gentlemen you'll spot this year at the "daddy of 'em all!"


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    The Old Cowpoke

    Easy to spot, and make sure you get out of his way. This isn't their first rodeo.

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    The Bro

    You'll recognize the bro's because they'll probably be intoxicated and chanting things like "USA, USA" or "Where's the chicks?"

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    The Creepy Carny

    Step right up and meet the creepy carny's. Their games may be slightly rigged and they'll hit on your wife, but they're a friendly bunch.

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    Guy Carrying Way Too Many Beers At Once

    Easy to spot because he'll be the one with four beers in his hands and one in his teeth. Stay AWAY from this guy, far away. If you don't take this advice you will absolutely get beer spilled on you!

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    The Fighter

    Another guy you'll want to avoid. Make eye contact with him? "You got a problem bro?" Step in his way "You wanna go, man?" Don't worry too much, security will escort him later.

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