About a monthish ago, the Wyoming Brewers Festival was cancelled due to Covid:19. I was really bummed, selfishly. I understand all the precautions and the risks involved, but like a lot of us, I selfishly wanted a beer festival to try a bunch of beers I’ve never tried before in my newly adopted home.  

There was a glimmer of hope, the Laramie Brewfest would still happen. I love Laramie, it’s a really cute town, I already had planned on boarding the dogs, letting and the cats fend for themselves and booking a hotel for the night...maybe two. But yesterday we were hit with another cancelled beer festival. 

It is with heavy hearts, and the care and concern of our community, that we announce the cancellation of Downtown Laramie Brewfest 2020. In light of current conditions and future unknowns, we do not feel that we can host this event safely. 

Alright, well they’re still giving a bit of hope for some fun. 

Also, keep an eye out for an announcement for an Oktoberfest themed event to celebrate the awards and accomplishments of our district breweries. 

Oh, I’m intrigued! Call me. 

But in all seriousness. The good news in all of this, is that we can still visit our favorite breweries. And they need us! They were hurting with all the closures and some are still hanging on, but they need us to make sure we don’t forget about them. I’m not even just talking about Wyoming breweries(though I’m partial to them) Fort Collins has a brewery closer than you can throw a rock, so you could essentially just make your own Beer Festival in your back yard on a fun trip around the region. 

While we wait on the Oktoberfest themed event in Laramie, let’s make sure us beer lovers support the local breweries. So, buy that extra beer, call an Uber or Lyft(and probably the sitter). Let’s continue to support them! 

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