Honestly, it was hard to find negative reviews of the fabulous natural site just outside of Laramie right here in Wyoming. Vedauwoo is a hub of summer activity and a major draw for hikers, campers, geocachers, and especially climbers. So what's the most glowing review, the most not-so-happy camper, and the one review that made me question my own sanity? Check it out below

The Good: 

"A magical place on the high plains that affords beautiful camping, old school climbing, attractive short hikes through aspen and pine. The most relaxed vibe you can find within a stone's throw of an interstate."  5/5 stars

The Bad: 

"Read about this area and planned it on the itinerary. Was disappointed as driving, parking, and bathroom facilities were few. Probably more beautiful if accessible. Recommend only young hikers!"         2/5 stars. 

The Insane: 

I'm at least 90% sure this is a troll review, but it's too fabulous not to share. Behold, the most insane online review of Vedauwoo online:

"I stayed at this campground on New Years Eve with my husband and my 16 ostriches. The campground was overrun with a biker gang reunion and an alpaca infestation at the same time, which forced us to move to higher ground on the adjacent rock formations. Seeing as it was winter and I needed to protect my ostriches, I called the ranger's office and they refused to accommodate to my ostriches basic needs of 18 frozen Australian Rattlesnakes and 53 gallons of water. As a result, my ostriches froze to death in the back of our trailer and were feasted upon by the alpacas and a homeless camper named Bob who claimed to be the ex-bass player for Foghat. Never again will I trudge across the snowy Wyoming plains if my ostriches will not be taken care of. Shame on you, Vedauwoo!"                1/5 stars 


There you have it! If you were to leave a review for Vedauwoo, what would you say in it?

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