There are bars, and there are dive bars. The best dive bar in Wyoming is likely one you never heard of, but it sounds like a national publication may have done their homework.

From the get-go, Thrillist got it right:

“Two things about Wyoming: 1) No one lives there, and 2) the few people who do actually live there want to keep it that way.”

Seems to sum up how many of us feel here in Wyoming. In their quest to find the ‘Best Dive Bar In Each State,’ The Thrillist uncovered the heart of Wyoming's love of wide open spaces.

The article notes that Green River is a Podunk town where the Red Feather Bar features live music, football, and a drive-up window to get your booze to go.

All in all, it’s a positive review for a town full of friendly locals and The Red Feather Bar,

 "one of Wyoming’s most charming dives."

Warning, video is NSFW, but it shows Wyoming's legendary unique musicians Zenitram rock the place.

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