No, this isn't a weird 90s Folgers commercial where we're sneaking into the house before anyone wakes up to surprise them with a cup of coffee. Josh Allen now has his own coffee! Actually, that commercial would be epic if Josh Allen snuck into your house 90s style and surprised you with coffee. Anywho, you know since it's Josh Allen's, it has to be strong. There's no alternative to this.

The coffee itself comes in pods for your Keurig or similar coffee maker and they're for a good cause because Josh Allen has awesome character and is always looking out for people. The coffee, in part, supports John R. Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo.

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Ready for the bad news? They're only available at Wegmans, which is a grocery store in Buffalo and surrounding areas. BUT, you can purchase them online. Either on ebay or you can go to PLB Sports' website here. You can get your own coffee mug to go with it.

That's a nice-looking box of coffee, though. I bet that'd look good on the counter next to your coffee maker.

I really appreciate the detail they went into on the box. The coffee bean with football laces was really a nice touch.

It goes without saying, Josh Allen is a really generous guy. He's always helping out people, from different charities to veterans. He's really doing a great job using his spotlight to aid whatever community he's in. It's great to see a UW alumn go on and do great things, just because.

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