Has there been a little bit of a learning curve?

For so many of us, we started working from home when the pandemic hit. It was a big change, wasn't it? Heck, even those of us in radio found ourselves creating a makeshift studio in our closets as we broadcasted from home. And while it opened our eyes to the many jobs that could be carried out remotely, there are still those of us heading back into the office.

How's that going?

Has it been easy or a real struggle? Let's face it, a year is a long time for anything and this past year has been a long absence from what was normal for us. The normal grind of waking up, driving to the office, knocking out the tasks for the day, and then heading home. Of course, now that I type that schedule out, it doesn't sound all that glamorous. Perhaps you enjoyed a little break, but are also thankful to be back in your routine.

There are some good things and bad things about going back to the office after experiencing a pandemic that kept you outside of those walls. We've compiled a list of things that are both good and bad. There are elements that bring a smile to our faces while also causing us frustration at the same time.

Here is our list of the best and worst parts about returning to the office.

The Best and Worst Parts About Returning to the Office

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