When you think of states that are great places to start a business, living in Wyoming, we all know that you could have great success here. We're aware that this is one of the better places to settle down to open. The state is what most people would consider business-friendly.

With all that known, if you were a Doctor practicing medicine, would you want to practice medicine in the Cowboy State? Sure, we have the business-friendly practices across the state, but is this where you'd want to open your medical practice?

The website WalletHub created a list of states in order from best to worst for practicing medicine. They based their findings on several factors from average salary to malpractice insurance and claims.

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Before I get into where Wyoming landed on this list, I was pretty surprised that Montana came in at number 4 on the list with Nebraska coming in at number 7. So, we have two top ten states bordering us and neither is Colorado. You'd think with Denver and the hospitals up and down the I-25 corridor that Colorado would come in the top ten as well. They came in at number 28.

So, where does that put Wyoming? We landed at number 30. We're in the same range as our noisy neighbors to the south, but just slightly out of the top half of the country. Honestly, 30th isn't bad, once you hit the lower 10 or so, that's when I'd be concerned about practicing medicine in a state. As I look at it, we have two states around us that are in the top 10, but we're still pretty solid at 30.

What do you think? Is Wyoming a great place to practice medicine?

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