Every year, a group of guys I used to party with back in high school get together for a reunion over the holidays. I deliberately skipped my 10 and 20 year class reunions, but I was going to be in Denver this weekend, so I figured I’d stop by and hang with the old crew.  It was a trip.

Here’s the five people I ran into:

1.  The dude who’s mad his buddies didn’t show up.  He’s waited all year to see his old pals and they couldn’t make it this year.  And he’s offended they weren’t there.  To this guy, life just hasn’t been the same since high school and now he feels all alone because his old friends have better things to do than hang out with him.

2.  The guy who tries really hard to impress everyone.  This is the guy who rents a party bus and invites all of his co-workers, so he’ll still look popular.  Back in high school, he thought he was “kind of a big deal”.  He still does. When you say hello, he’ll act too cool to talk to you.  You’ll be reminded of why you never liked him in the first place.

3.  The chick who wasn’t hot in high school but is now.  She was a late bloomer, but now she’s looking good.  And she’s a on a one woman mission to show every guy what they missed out on.  She spends the next three hours shaking her booty on the dance floor, flirting with every married dude and upstaging all of the other chicks from your class.

4.  The one guy you used to party with every day whose name you can’t remember.  Hey dude, who are you?  We hung out every day during senior year?  Really?  ‘Cause I have no idea who the hell you are.

5.  The girl you were a complete jerk to.  She’s the one shooting daggers from across the room.  She looks familiar, but you can’t quite remember her.  But she remembers you.  You were a complete jerk to her twenty years ago and she’s hated your guts ever since.  She’s hoping your life is a terrible mess.