If you've ever driven past Buford on I-80, you've probably seen the 'Smallest Town in America' sign. Whether the single house and gas station is a just a roadside attraction or an actual town is debatable, however there are several towns in Wyoming that are almost as small.

According to the website City-Data, there are 77 towns in Wyoming with fewer than one thousand residents. Here's the five smallest:

(NOTE: There are several 'unincorporated towns' or 'census designated places' across the state that are even smaller than these. These are the smallest of the officially 'incorporated' towns. So, if you're from Kinnear, Jeffery City, Carpenter or Albin, that's why you're not on this list)

1. Bedford, WY - With a population of 201, this tiny mountain town near the Idaho border claims the title for Wyoming's smallest town. It may not hold that title long though. Since 2000, Bedford has had a population boom, growing by 19%, or roughly 40 people.

2. Glendo, WY - You've probably driven by Glendo a thousand times. Located between Douglas and Wheatland on I-25, the nearby reservoir and state park are popular destinations for fishing and water sports. Although thousands of travelers will pass through Glendo every summer, the town has only 205 full time residents.

3. Osage, WY - Located in northeast Wyoming, nearly 60 miles due west of Rapid City, South Dakota, 208 people call this place home. Its proximity to the Black Hills Power and Light Reservoir has been a boost for the local economy. In 2000, the median annual household income in Osage was just over $25,000. By 2012, it had nearly tripled, to over $62,000.

4. (Tie) Sweetwater, WY - A few miles outside of Riverton, this central Wyoming town has 214 citizens. Property values here have more than doubled in the past decade. The average value of a home or condo was nearly $87,000 in 2000. Home values have since risen to an average of nearly $183,000.

4. (Tie) Freedom, WY - Three miles from Wyoming's smallest town Bedford, you'll find Freedom. This western Wyoming mountain town has a population of 214, many of whom are young people. In fact, the average person in Freedom is just over 32 years old, which is over 10 years below the state average.



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