Vocativ via YouTube
Vocativ via YouTube

3-D Printing has grown by leaps and bounds from tiny toys, and I see no end to the applications that extend from jewelry made of plastic and or metal, to housing using a 3-D printer and cement. The future is wide open and limited only by your personal drive and imagination.

The medical field is an avid beneficiary with prosthetic limbs and more making life better for so many of us. Art is fun and profitable, industrial design with this rapid prototyping saves millions of dollars and hours in automotive manufacturing and more.

But we all have to start learning a new technology somewhere, and that would be at the Laramie County Library, where they recently acquired a 3D printer and are currently teaching teenagers the rudimentary basics of how to design and print their own very simple projects for now. Baby steps. Houses and cars will come later.

The library plans to expand to teach adults in the near future. This educational class is a regularly offered program, so watch it grow and get your teens involved now, and yourself later.

If you’re interested, teens can get together Wednesday, May 10 at 3pm in the library at 2200 Pioneer Ave. Future classes are being planned. Questions should be addressed to rruiz@lclsonline.org or 307-773-7225

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