December 27. 1926, community leaders in Rawlins, set out for the mountains near Medicine Bow in Wyoming's first organized rabbit hunt.

The event was a huge success, bringing nearly 1,000 rabbits back to town, which were given to needy families in the area.

According to the Wyoming History Blogspot, Casper conducted their own rabbit hunt in 1934.

The Casper Star-Tribune reported that the hunt harvested enough rabbits to feed hundreds of families.

"The success of the hunt was only eclipsed by the appreciation of hundreds who came in a steady stream, and by 2 o'clock yesterday a supply which was expected to meet all demands was completely exhausted.

No one tried to make off with more than a reasonable share. The most taken by one family was 11 rabbits for a family of 10. Many asked only for two to four, depending upon the number in the household.

The result was that rabbit sizzled and fried in hundreds of Casper homes last night."


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