It seems like everyone in the world wants to be a YouTube star these days. Based on a new video share, that does not include one very perturbed Wyoming rabbit.

If you're not familiar, YouTube has started a program to compete with TikTok where they encourage users to share short videos. A relatively new channel decided their subject matter would be a Wyoming desert cottontail. As you will see, HE WAS NOT PLEASED.

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Not to cross the sharing boundary, but we like rabbits. A lot. They're cute. They're fast and in the case of this little guy FIERCE.

A few years ago, we shared 5 fun facts about bunny rabbits in Wyoming. This video reminds me that we left one out. Wyoming rabbits and in particular the desert cottontail are tough. As Wikipedia mentions, they are prey for literally dozens of predators. When you burrow in the Wyoming desert where snakes are prevalent, you better be the Chuck Norris of rabbits.

The person who captured the video probably figured "hey, it's a cute little rabbit". They unintentionally got one of the most intense stares in Wyoming rabbit history. I love it.

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