How many rabbits do you have sharing your yard with you?

This has been a good year for rabbits around Cheyenne. If our neighborhood is any indication, there seem to be bunches of bunnies hanging around every shed.

Over the weekend, my son and I were watering the lawn and he says to me, 'watch where you step, you could literally step on a bunny.'

Bunny Hiding in the Grass
Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media

He was right, there was a tiny baby bunny hiding out, very still, among the tall grass. This spring there seems to be a big crop of new rabbits, I've seen litters of 2 or 3 little ones nibbling on grass around almost every corner.

This year has been unusually wet, making yards and fields all around the Cheyenne area extra green and lush. Possibly this is helping the rabbit population thrive. Also, the natural predators of the bunnies may not be out in full force yet. I haven't seen any foxes or neighborhood alley cats making the rounds lately, but they better be hungry when they do come around.

Do you think there are too many rabbits living in Cheyenne?

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