We all had our favorite books growing up. One of the most exciting things for me as a kid was when they would pass out those Scholastic book order brochures or when they would have book fairs at school for that matter. There was always some new literature that I would want to dive into each time. We all have our picks of our favorite books from our childhood. So what is Wyoming's most popular children's book?

This coming Wednesday is March 2nd of course. But it's also National Read Across America Day (also known as Dr. Seuss Day). In celebration, Grand Canyon University recently researched what the most popular children's book was in all 50 states. What do you think it is in Wyoming?

Before we get to that, fittingly on 'Dr. Seuss Day', the most popular children's book with the most states picking it as their favorite happens to be 'Cat In the Hat'. Eight total states chose that as their most popular children's book, including our neighbors to the north in Montana. Our southern neighbors in Colorado picked 'The Poky Little Puppy'. That was tied as being the second most popular over as four states picked it as their favorite.

As for Wyoming, only one other state (Alaska) agreed with our pick, despite that it is from one of the arguably most beloved children's authors in history, Shel Silverstein. The most popular children's book in Wyoming is 'The Giving Tree'. The book follows the nature of a relationship between a boy (named Boy) and the tree. The tree continues to give to Boy throughout his life and because of this, the tree is happy. 'The Giving Tree' is said to have controversial undertones and has been banned in some states. But what do those states know, it's the most popular in Wyoming.

You can check out each state's pick for their most popular children's book here. What's your favorite?

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