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Hey, did you know that there are other things on YouTube besides videos of people making slime or doing weirdo challenges? Yes! It's true. There's even tons of videos of, and about, Cheyenne.

So, we set out to find the 5 most viewed Cheyenne related YouTube videos. Spoiler Alert: there's lots of train stuff.

5) Coming in at number five is a video from someone who was part of a massive pile-up on Interstate 80 in April of 2015 (read more about the accident here).

4) Here is the first of about 100 train-related videos on the list (OK not that many). This video is a look inside a Union Pacific DD40X 6936 locomotive in Cheyenne.

3) At number three is a video posted in 2009 of what they say is a transformer explosion that happened near Johnson Jr. High in south Cheyenne.

2) Remember that locomotive from earlier? Here it is again, this time on the UP turntable in Cheyenne.

1) Here we are, the tip of the top, the most viewed Cheyenne video. It's the Union Pacific 844 leaving Cheyenne. It's also known as the Denver Post Cheyenne Frontier Days Train.

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