Imagine you are hiking in the backwoods near Silas Canyon. After hauling 150 pounds of food, water, and equipment up a mountain, you get a moment to rest. Then another camper arrives in the area without having to carry a single bag. His food and bedding were schlepped-up the hills by pack-goats.

This is now a low tech option in Wyoming. It isn't really new because the practice is thousands of years old. Hikers may be able to use pack goats in a limited few places in the state.

High Uinta Pack Goats in Evanston, WY, is in the business of education, training, and renting of pack goats. On their FAQ page, they talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using goats.

For starters, they are living creatures. You have to feed them. They go to the bathroom. Plus not all areas allow goats. For example, the National Parks typically don't like non-native animals in their habitats. Also it would be a nightmare if you encountered bears, mountain lions, or wolves.

A lot of the positive attributes are because of their smaller size. A goat will have minimal impact on the environment. They don't require as much feed or water. They are easy to transport. According to High Uinta Pack Goats, when properly trained, goats have the same temperament to that of dogs. They are natural followers on a trail and instinctively stick together.

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