When ZZ Top rocks the Cheyenne Civic Center in August, it will mark their first trip back to the Capital City since they played CFD in 2004.

Unfortunately, the road crew won't be rollin' through La Grange, Wyo. on this tour.

La Grange is a tiny town in Goshen County just off U.S. Highway 85, population 448. It was founded in 1837, the same year another town named La Grange was established in Texas. While La Grange, Wyo. is best known for their bible college, La Grange, Texas, has a much different claim to fame.

Home to the Chicken Ranch Brothel, which remained in operation until 1973, the "little shack outside" La Grange, Texas, inspired one of ZZ Top's biggest hits and was also the setting for the musical and movie "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

The ZZ Top tour bus has probably passed through both La Granges. Saturday, July 24, 2004, it would have likely driven by La Grange in route to Cheyenne from Minot, North Dakota. This year, their fleet will take Interstate 90 east and I-25 south from Sandpoint, Idaho, then hit I-80 east on their way to Lincoln, Nebraska.




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