Chuck Geiger, Townsquare Media[/caption]Watch the weird combination of items that people purchase at the big box stores like Sam's Club and Costco. You'd never guess these things would be in their cart. In addition are bizarre items they sell. 

I love to go to Sam's Club and when near Denver to Costco and see the oddball things for sale and also what people by. Best seat in the house is the concession area. I buy a hot dog and coke, use to be better buy at Sam's, price went up to $1.70, still $1.50 at Costco. Enjoy the show, all you need is popcorn. I've seen tires, tubs of cheese puffs and pineapples. I love this following link, 56 thoughts you have while shopping at the big box stores like Sam's and Costco. 

Chuck Geiger, Townsquare Media[/caption]This is a stainless steel trash can with motion detector to open the lid, because we're so busy we can't open the lid ourselves.

Chuck Geiger, Townsquare Media[/caption].Who needs Don Day and Day Weather when you can buy your own professional weather center at the box stores. No need for Grandma's aching corn to predict rain.

Something else for Clark Griswold to kick around the yard, stacking snowmen.