Millions of years before the University of Wyoming and Colorado State began the Border War, there was a different kind of rivalry in the rockies; a battle for survival between dinosaurs on the Front Range.

Wyoming's official state dinosaur Triceratops roamed the high plains nearly 65 million years ago. Colorado's official state dinosaur Stegosaurus Armatus came along somewhere between 100 and 150 million years ago.

Although they never met in battle, we wanted to know who would win in a hypthetical "Border War" between our official state dinosaurs.

Like the Triceratops, the Stegosaurus was also a vegetarian. Had they lived in the same time period, it's highly unlikely that the two dinosaurs would fought over anything other than food.

Although the Triceratops was shorter, it would have held a significant weight advantage over the Stegosaurus. Equipped with an armored tail capable of fending off larger predators, the Stegosaurus may have been able to hold its own.

However, most scientists agree that the Triceratops would, untimitely, overpower its smaller opponent and render it defenseless against attack from the three sharp horns on its head.

Here's a YouTube reenactment depicting how the "original Border War" may have ended.


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